Other Writing

When it comes to writing I have wide interests. I hope that is not simply another way of declaring that I’m shallow and pretentious. The beauty about writing is that the writer can say whatever he or she (or xe, for the gender non-affixed) wants to about his or her (or xer) own work, but it is the reader that has the real say.

I like short stories and these can be literary or science fiction or simply weird, which is an emerging genre, apparently. I like longer form fiction, too, as my tackling a four book series at this time should suggest. I like poetry, too, although poetry these days is a pretty weird genre in its own right, but that is another discussion.

I also like essays, and in particular, social and cultural criticism essays, which is why at CMTI Publishing we expect to be publishing edited works of social and cultural criticism that focus on the effects of digital media for creative work and the people who create  and the people who seek out the work, and, of course, the platforms and companies that get into the middle of the creators and their audiences.  I’m reading academic works on these subjects and the plan is to identify captivating subjects and see if there is interest by such authors in writing their critiques for a general audience.

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