Snips of Passing Interests

Climate fiction, climate crisis, media critiques, and the business of culture are all subjects that I try to follow and I’m trying to develop the habit of noting particularly interesting pieces—articles, blogs, news—I come across. I hope to accomplish two things:

  1. Help promote work that I think is crucial or interesting to be read more widely;
  2. Keep better track of the interesting work I come across.

Okay, three things: I also hope to expand my network, especially in regard to climate fiction, and with the first book of The Steep Climes Quartet due for publication this September, this makes a lot of sense in a bunch of ways, including crass commercialization.

The fact is that it is difficult to find great and interesting content, despite the old promise of digital content, when these days the problem is too much noise that masks the signals. We are drowning in content and the general failure of content producer and content disseminators to embed sufficient and sufficiently intelligent metadata means we all more likely to be drowning in content with our eyes wide shut. If others find my own efforts to curate stimulating content helpful, then I’m at least two weeks ahead of the game of purgatory sentence reduction, and I’m guessing a two-week reduction is the maximum benefit for me in the afterlife because I have little to no control of digital content infrastructure. Yes, I plan to write an essay about the failure of editorially-driven metadata and its terribly disappointing consequences, although I figure, too, that few will ever likely come across the essay, located, as it will be, in the “Other Writing” section of this very website.

I’d love to hear what you think of my efforts and I’m open, of course, to being pointed to noteworthy content.

Bryce Hyped Focus

It’s too easy to find writing online that is either unintentionally poorly thought out or…

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