The Future of “The Future of Climate Change in the Berkshires” Talk

On Friday, April 12, 2024, I presented “The Future of Climate Chang in the Future” at Lee Library. I’m thrilled by the reception the talk received, the vigorous and very interesting Q&A that ensued, and the fact that extra chairs were needed. The talk took place in the Lee Public Library’s J. Peter Scolforo Gallery, where the “Mitchell Q Sellers Quilt Show” covered the walls with gorgeous quilts (really worth a visit, the show runs through April 30).

There is another and longer talk on climate change in the Berkshires and a reading from the latest The Steep Climes Quartet book, Dear Josephine, and that is coming up late spring or early summer (in other words, the exact date is TBD), this one as part of a Smithsonian program on the “Changing  Rural America.” The Bushnell-Sage Library in Sheffield is administering these presentations.

I’ll post a video clip of the Lee Library presentation as soon as I gain minimum proficiency in Adobe Premier Elements, which may well be sometime next century given how obtuse and user unfriendly software from Adobe can be. Meanwhile, here’s an image from the video so that you can see one of the quilts!


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