I’m the author of the climate fiction series, The Steep Climes Quartet, a book series with the first title, Kill Well, to be published in September 2023.

I worked in book publishing as a developmental and acquisitions editor before shifting my focus to digital publishing, long serving as a journalist and editor for electronic publishing trade periodicals, and as a consultant and electronic publishing business and technology analyst, including working with start-ups such as Tony Fadell’s Fuse, Intertrust Technologies, and NetMarquee.

While undertaking a deep energy retrofit of my house in Berkshire County, I combined my background in digital technologies and my growing understanding of building science and house renovation and retrofitting processes to found Retrosheath, a start-up that aimed to reduce cost for energy efficiency improvements in the built environment. I still live in the Berkshires, writing, making assemblage sculptures, working with Averosa Records as digital marketing consultant, and tending my vegetable garden.

I’ve been writing for a long time, both as a trade journalist and as author of critical essays, fiction, and poetry. One of these days I’m going to get good at it.

A recent trip to Seattle was in large part aimed at exploring the Happy Hour scene in craft cocktail bars. This photograph is from that trip, next to a doppelganger, taken at the Seattle Museum of Art, because I like to drink in culture, too.